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There are many ways to stay safe and have fun during the winter, but your brother doesn't look at it the same way as you do. For one, you don't understand the time he spent arguing with the salty fans of Novak Djokovic. (And Rafael Nadal's second Australian Open title would make him the G.O.A.T at the moment. It would trigger some Djokovic fans.)
You're not OK. But that's OK. These words echoed in your mind while you tried to remember the rules of Wordle. (You were one of the last to know.) Your university goes remote as Omicron spreads. And your coursemates wondered how to survive this challenging time.
You wondered if your old buddy made fun of you. He talked about Bread Pitt, a baking store not far from his neighborhood. Customers couldn't get enough of Bite Club, Inglorious Bagels,

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