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You didn't get accepted in any college you applied, and you're embarrassed to tell your friends that an Ivy League university would be one of those institutions. You're about to sink into depression, and it didn't matter if you would be in this state for a month or two. Stop, as your situation is not uncommon. As a matter of fact, it's not hopeless as it looks.
Sophomore pic
You're about to enter your second year in the English Department, and you learned some important lessons. You can't read all the titles in the reading list, so you resort to browsing. You're still trying, though. You become wary of certain perks. There's a catch, and you happen to be a generous soul. Your roommate would find it out, frequently borrowing something from you without returning. You're keeping a list, and would show it soon, yet your lessons don't end there.
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You can see the end of the summer season, which gives you a bittersweet feeling. You won't miss the sweltering heat, which prompts you to spend more time inside your (air-conditioned) room. On the other hand, the incoming fall (season) gives you trepidation. You're an incoming freshman, and you're aware of certain things that aren't taught in the lecture rooms. You didn't ask about those things during your first visit to your chosen campus. Do not be afraid, as you're about to read some important things.

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