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It's May. It's still cold. It's wet. And your [name of your pet dog] isn't around. You don't want to hear "Walking on Sunshine", which your course mate was humming last winter. It doesn't fit your mood. Welcome to the new normal! This is one positive to be good about. However, it remains to be seen if you could become a Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist someday. The coursework is what matters most, and some writers would see the coronavirus outbreak as an opportunity. If the quarantine would make them more creative, then so can Literature students like you.
A visit to the campus should narrow down your choices of the university you want to attend. A lockdown prevents you from doing it, though. No need to worry, as you have months to plan your virtual tour (and execute it). It should make you decide on one or two universities, where you can set foot on it later this year and then make your big decision. January 2021 is the latest.
How do you get off the bed at 6 AM? The virtual class starts at 9 AM, so you stay in bed for about half an hour. An hour and a half later, you were about to listen to another recorded lecture. And then reality would hit you. Could this be the new normal? You read a few chapters of novels that wouldn't make you look forward to the next day (or next week). Dashiell Hammett was a keen observer, as seen in the first few chapters of "The Maltese Falcon". Your good buddy, a huge fan of film noir, wondered why John Huston chose Humphrey Bogart to play (detective) Sam Spade in his big-screen adaptation of the novel.

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