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September 17 was the day to celebrate the Constitution, but you forgot it. You might be chatting about Casual Friday, the dressiest day of the week, with your course mates or opine on educational inequality. (White students return to schools while students of color learn from home.) The pandemic forced you to retreat into your shell, becoming more introverted (if you're an introvert). The term is about to start. Can self-improvement projects help you? The answer is yes. How was summer?
You were supposed to go to a small town, where locals would be protective of their verdant surroundings. Locals couldn't get enough of forest bathing, which would make them forget about their problems. Some urban dwellers fancy it, hugging a tree that could be decades old or more while others are carried away. (Molly Shannon's "Superstar" comes to mind.) You were looking forward to do it during Labor Day weekend, but the pandemic made you (and your family) worried about travel shaming (by wary locals). It would be better to focus on the upcoming term. What to take to college? What to leave behind?
August used to be too easy. The goal was to make it through that stressful spring, have some kind of summer, then head back to university in the fall. But the continued spread of COVID-19 changed everything. You got the feel of remote learning (during the spring), not wanting to get out. You're not only scared of germy (public) places, but you also don't fancy the outdoors. (Is it you or does your front yard feel like a furnace in the summer.) You are addicted to YouTube and Netflix or you're one of those teenagers who has a short-attention-span and high expectations. Summer is far from over, but your parents have a great suggestion. Retro activities. You read it right.

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