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Senior year could be daunting to any high school student especially to those who aspire to pursue literary studies. If you happen to be one of those students, you wouldn't know the details that make a college essay different from a high school essay. You rather vow to try hard, if not too hard. And then there's one more thing. When you clear your table (and bed) of books and papers, you would realize that you still have a year, if not barely a year, to prepare for your first year in college. (Let's assume that you're locked in the university that you apply a place for.) A gap year seems like a tempting option, but you wonder how to make the most of it. Fear not.
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Are you worried about taking a Master's degree in Modern Languages, Literature and Culture? Are you wondering about a Master's in Biotechnology? You're thinking of a Business Master's Degree, yet you haven't thought about your career options. Is it the right thing to pursue it? You can answer these questions after you find out if you're ready for a life as a Master's student.
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You're about to enter your final year in high school, so it shouldn't be surprising that you've been looking for a university that would suit your capability and personality. You might be forgetting about paper writing, though. You're aware that your college application would include a personal statement and an application essay, yet you're not aware of the time or the lack of. You have all the time for your college application, which your mother would remind you of.

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