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Whether you're in a relationship or not, it's important to celebrate Valentine's Day. The pandemic is far from over, so we need love more than ever. You've been whining about quarantine fatigue since the last days of fall, a sign that you need to go places. Unfortunately, this winter season, probably the darkest in decades, had come to town. And the new coronavirus variant as well. If you don't have any (Valentine's Day) plan, then it's time to make a mental note.
Your course mates are still obsessed about Senator Bernie Sanders's mittens, which he wore during Joe Biden's inauguration. It may be far from fashionable, but it would keep your hands warm. And you need a good laugh. After the shocking events of January 6, you wonder if the worst is over. Not. Yet. But don't lose hope.
We're about to come to the end of a strange, if not distressful, year, and you don't have your list of new year resolutions. You haven't decided if you would cross the border and go north. (Your nerdy brother warned you about the disappearance of the northern lights. Donald Trump doesn't believe in climate change, but he must be watching too many episodes of "Saturday Night Live".)

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