10 December Survival Tips for College Students

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It's that time of the year, which has nothing to do with Thanksgiving. You've been warned about the number of essay papers to write during the month of December. And then you must study for examinations. Do you still have time to prepare for Christmas Day? Yes. As a matter of fact, it's not a question if you're thinking about it right now. A few weeks of would be good enough.

Pressure could be getting to you at this point, so you need to be reminded of a few things. You must be delighted of the fact that you would take those examinations before the Christmas holiday. The thought of it should lift up your spirit, as it means that you don't have to study during your break from the coursework. You can't wait to join your family (and old friends), but don't get restless at this point. You must expect lots of deadlines, which could be more before Thanksgiving. You have made a vow on not getting a big slice of turkey, yet this would make you worry a bit. Could you study for long hours? You would know the answer after reading this post.

Common Stressors for College Students (and How to Deal with It)

You have little money to buy gifts. It's too early to think about it. In fact, you must think about your needs and expenses that you incur from the errands that you do. You may be relying on freebies, which you're getting used to it. There's nothing to be ashamed of it, as you would fondly recall it later.

You're not feeling jolly. You've noticed the changing colors of the leaves, which don't delight you anymore. If you're overthinking, it would be better to forget about the coursework for a moment. There's a good reason for getting distracted as frequently as possible. You need the break, which would make you think sharp. Just make sure that you won't lose sleep on little things.

You're beginning to experience holiday differently. You're too young to be jaded about Christmas (or Thanksgiving) or you might be watching films about dysfunctional families struggling to put a happy face during Christmas (or Thanksgiving). Forget about it, as you think about your next assignment (or examination).

You must deal with "family dynamics" when you get home. You would worry about that when the semester is over. If you still can't get over it, think about the good times with your family.

You're afraid of indulging in food and alcohol. If you have consumed too many chips and pizza, you must tell your coursemates about it. You might not get the reaction that you're hoping for, but it's better to acknowledge it immediately and move on. Your roommate might have noticed it. Always remember that keeping an open mind includes self-depreciation.

You're feeling rushed to get everything done. It's important to establish a balance, so you won’t get burned out. If you're intense in nature, you might suffer sooner or later. On the other hand, you can't be laid back at times. A study-life balance might seem impossible, but you can try and try until you succeed.

You need to surround yourself with family and friends during celebration. You must change that mindset, such that you can surround yourself with your cousemates during a study group. You might be distracted by the latest update on the latest reboot on Batman, if not talk about “House of the Dragon”, the prequel to “Game of Thrones”. You can talk about it for an hour if this would keep you going. Don’t lose your focus.

You think that winter breaks are not celebrated the way as they once are. Where have you read it? You would think about it when you're done with deadlines and examinations. You must plan a secret Santa exchange with your coursemates, where you can prepare a dish or two. Potluck would be better, but you might be thinking of beer, chips, and pizza. There's nothing wrong with it.

You're thinking about past celebrations. Good memories can spur you to study harder. You want to tell the good news to your parents, so you don't want to disappoint them. You got this one, but remember to look at your memory box carefully.

You’re not feeling independent. You must have been studying hard, such that you forget that there’s no other living soul in your room. If you’re sharing your place with another roommate, he (or she) must not be around.

Turning Obligations into Energizers

You would write lots of papers, which could exhaust you sooner than you fear. It’s your task to find ways of keeping your enthusiasm while doing your usual routine. If thinking about Christmas won’t be enough, you might have to get out for a while. You can also learn how to love the routine. You won’t falter on this one. Are you ready?

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