3 Ways to be Sustainable as a College Student

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You're about to sign up on a petition that would put a stop to the abuse of elephants in touristy areas in the Far East. You're also indignant on how whale sharks are treated like dogs in that part of the world. And you don't understand why some people can't live without meat. You've become too concerned about animal rights such that you forget your plight in college. You can save a great deal of money if you want to be green at college.

Sustainability can be a life turner. If you can be committed to it, you won't encounter trouble later on. Think of the fraction of your salary that you save for the rainy day. You can also dream about your place, if not your own car. You won't mind splurging it on a holiday in Hawaii. Dreaming would make you excited, also motivated to change your lifestyle. It's easier said than done, though. Paper writing would require your utmost concentration, and salad might not be enough. Someone would invite you to a party, and you must dress to impress. Would hand-me-down lead to friendship? You may not think about finding your love of your life while pondering on that question, as you focus on practical matters. How long would it take you to make a transition from an ordinary study to a sustainable student?

How to Start a New Chapter in the University

Keep your clothes for as long as possible. It would be normal to discard the things that you don't like. As a matter of fact, some items that are found in trash bins are hardly used, if not opened at all. You won't figure out that you're a spoiled teenager until you set foot in a developing country. (You would have second thoughts about your opinion on the abuse on elephants.) The complaints would go on until you could have a change of mind after a first-hand account of the humble backgrounds of locals who try to make your visit as memorable (and enjoyable) as possible. You won't think about it until you leave America, so think about the practical side on not buying new clothes every six months or so. You would need money for urgent matters, and you won't know until your professor told you so. You must make an exception on events, where you must dress for that part. Then again, you won't mind passing it up. (You don't want to miss the deadline for your essay assignment. Studying for an examination is a must.) Think about clothing after you leave the university, where making a first impression would be a factor in getting hired. In the meantime, think of having fewer anxieties when you're not short of cash. But don't overuse your favorite clothing item.

You must live a simple life. You have learned about Paris Hilton's attempt to live a simple life. You could learn a few things from the heiress, but it might not be applicable to the college setting. For instance, you could save some money if you invest in a clothes horse. (A tumbler drier could consume lots of energy.) It would be better to wash your (dirty) clothes at a lower temperature. You could ask older students on household products that are free from plastic packaging. (The same thing goes with dried food.) Let's not forget your mode of traveling: Walking is the best option for a short distance. You can also opt for a bicycle. (Invest on a helmet.) You should have figured it out when you recall the smoke emitting from cars. Electric cars would be a ubiquitous sight sooner, but it could happen several years from now. You could wish that you’re somewhere else when you catch a slight of a (flying) plane. Save that thought later.

Try to live by fruits, vegetables and nuts. You would reduce your carbon footprint when you eat less meat. A problem might arise when you're writing your essay. If you're one of those students who must eat to write, you may consider a slice of pizza or two. You could burn it the following day. (Walking would do it, but hitting the gym would be better.) This would save you lots of time especially when you have little time for preparing your food. (Christmas won't be a jolly month for some students, and you don't have to be one of them.)

Much Ado about Campaigning

Joining a campaign would impress some students, but making other teenagers notice you won’t be your top priority. How about committing to a sustainable lifestyle? It requires discipline and determination, which most teens can’t do on the first attempt. It would be repeated on the second and third, but you get the scenario. Try one of the above, as doing all three could be too much. It won’t take a week or two to succeed in it, which should be your cue to adopt another one. A frugal lifestyle could be a killjoy, but it would make your college life less problematic than it is. You don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving (to start).

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