5 Ways to Use the iPad in the University

5 Ways to Use the iPad in the University

You want to show off your iPad without letting anyone getting close to it. Your father gave it as a Christmas present, but it was slightly used. You were envious of your housemates, whose parents bought them a brand new tablet. Besides, you made it known to your parents after you found out that it was sensible to have it. You have an addictive personality, but there was nothing wrong in checking your e-mails every hour or less. (You made new friends, in a foreign country no less, during your third year.) This would be your final year in the English Department, but the first time to use the iPad. Better late than never.

After several months, you know how the iPad can help you manage your coursework. It won't be YouTube, but you were checking out the latest music videos the other night. Here are five ways to do it:

Social media makes weeknights less stressful than before. You don't have a clue on Google Documents until your professor in Women's writing posted her feedback on your essays. You were stoked when she pointed out the finer aspects of your paper. You used Instagram. (You spent the weekend taking pictures of some landmarks in the university. You thought it could make your essay more interesting. You were spot on.) You were supposed to check out Vine, but you had a change of mind. (It might be used next time.) Facebook could be another tool, but you don't want anyone (in the English Department) to see your photos of the parties you attended last year. Your friends tagged you. And you were embarrassed.

E-books save you time and money. Your reading list would include novels by Virginia Woolf, Rudyard Kipiling, and H.G. Wells. Instead of visiting the library, why not find an e-book copy of it instead. Hardbound (or paperback) can take up space. It will turn into a mess if you don't tidy up your room. (And you first noticed it during your first year.) You can read it anytime, anywhere. But your forgot to bring the charger on a number of occasions.

You can take pictures. Your father, who took photography as a hobby, would point out that a digital single-lens reflex camera would be better. But you refused his offer to bring along his Canon. It was bulky for one. You would prefer to walk the distance.

Google Maps can be handy. There are titles in the reading list that don't have an e-book version. They're not available in the library as well. Your tutor would suggest a bookstore, but you don't have a clue. No need to ask for directions, as the Google Maps app will help you. Unless you can't figure it out.

You can use the note taking apps. And it's easier than you think. You complained about writing on your notebook. (You pressed the pen harder.) You rather typed it. You were delighted about the note taking apps, but typing at a faster speed would be your current problem. You haven't studied the other features. Yet.

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