5 Things to Do If You Don't Get Accepted in any College

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You didn't get accepted in any college you applied, and you're embarrassed to tell your friends that an Ivy League university would be one of those institutions. You're about to sink into depression, and it didn't matter if you would be in this state for a month or two. Stop, as your situation is not uncommon. As a matter of fact, it's not hopeless as it looks.

Failure happens to the best of people, but it's not always the case with college application. You may not have read the instructions in the application form carefully, and it's possible that you overlook something in your personal statement. You didn't spend a long time in evaluating your knowledge and abilities, which would lead to a wrong choice of a degree course. And you didn't make the most out of your campus visits. You might be aware of the odds of being admitted in your course of preference in an Ivy League school, yet it didn't daunt you at all. It's a good thing to know, as you would need to muster courage in the next stage of your journey.

It might be difficult to image how to bounce back from this setback, even tell your friends that you won't join them next month. (You might not be attending the same university, but it's still the same.) There's no point in making up a story, but taking a break from social media would be a good idea. If you learn something from this one, you must plan your next move carefully. It's very important to read the next one closely.

Keep Calm and Stay Productive Next Year

Find a job. You need experience, which would give you an edge over the job applicants. Getting busy would be the best way to get over this disappointment, unaware that finding a job is the best option. You would learn some skills, as well as some traits that you need to be good in the workplace. It should help you in handling the coursework. You won't dread the busy months of paper writing, as you would look at pressure as a privilege. There's no room for complaining, which any admissions tutor would see as a plus factor.

Make the most of your gap year. Your parents might have trepidation of their financing your trip to mainland Europe. You still think that it would do you good to spend a month or two on the other side of the Atlantic, though. If you're still interested in pursuing a degree that is related to arts or history, you can settle with the UK. You will appreciate English literature after taking a selfie in front of Sherlock Holmes's so-called flat (or house or whatever it's called during Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's day). You need to prepare for this vacation, as you must do long walks four or five times a day during the next few months. There's no reason to complain about this sudden twist in your predicament. If you're thinking of working on a part-time basis, ask around. This must be a rewarding experience, which means that it won't be a good thing to emulate what Jack Kerouac did to pen his travel essays.

If you haven't given hope, get in touch with the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC). You still see the light at the end of the tunnel, as you believe that there's a college out there that would accept you. You can consult NACAC for universities that still accept application forms. You might be too late for the fall semester, but starting mid-year won't be bad at all. You can make it up during the next summer. There would be hardly any rest, but it doesn't worry you at all. Don't wear yourself, though.

Attend a community college. You might have nothing to brag to your friends, but it doesn't matter at this point. A community college is a great option if you look at a wider picture. You can apply for a transfer (and a credit of the modules you have enrolled) next year. This is a crucial step if money would be an issue. Moreover, you would never know what you could get from this. You could meet someone who would inspire you, if not guide you. And someone from the academia might be a guardian angel - and almost famous. You would never know until you walk down that road.

If you want to be a Literature student, read all the classics. Consider it a blessing in disguise if you don't get admitted to the English Department. No applicant could have read all the classics, even if they receive an unconditional offer. This is your chance to outshine them, as you look for the lesser-known titles written by the most prolific authors of the 18th and 19th centuries. Your parents might be worried about your new obsession, but assure them that this would enable you to spend more time with them next term. And read at your own pace.

College Admission Isn't What It Used to Be

Your parents, as well as your grandparents, are unaware that there are lots of options for your generation. There's also flexibility, which gives you time to think about your next steps. You may stumble on your first attempt, but admissions tutor aren't only looking for demonstrated interest. If you do well on your next homework, you should know the other factors. And no need to beat yourself.

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