Top 5 Things to Do When Writing College Essays

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Writing good essays is a rare talent that not everyone is gifted with. While there are a privileged few who can compose thought provoking and intellectually stimulating articles in a whim, majority needs to grasp for words just to communicate to the readers what they have in mind. Where the natural talent is lacking, determination and perseverance should come in.

College students must not only look at paper writing as a daily routine, but they must be consistent in writing good essays. It's not as easy as it looks, and looking at the prolonged careers of certain athletes could motivate them. It's not all glamour, as writing requires solitude. It's the only way to focus on the task while making full use of their mental faculties. And there's no guarantee. (There are many detours while navigating the Internet jungle.) It's all about discipline. Can you do it? Yes, you can.

How to Improve Your Essay-Writing Skills

Do plan. You must have an idea of the courses that you must study, and what books you need to read. It would be impossible to accomplish it during the term, thus preparation must start months before the beginning of the term. The upside is you would get accustomed to reading classics (whether you fancy the genre or not.) If it takes you some time before you think of your opening, then you would know what to do next. Nothing beats careful planning when it comes to ensuring the composition of excellent essays. It will do students a world of good if they take time out in drafting outlines and sketching the course that they want their essays to take.

Do research. Essays are not just about stating opinions alone. Inasmuch as the students' view does matter, the extent of their research lends the papers' credence in the eyes of the professors. To conduct research is to expose the college students to a broad spectrum of perspective and give them ample evidence that can support their claims. Apart from reading positions that are similar to theirs, it is also important for students to consider counterarguments. It is a good idea to provide balanced views on their essays. You would get to know the contents of the booklet, where your course is outlined. You get to know the books that you must read. It's a tall order, but not if you start reading ahead. Comprehension varies from one student to the other, and you might not be faster than the others.

Do start writing early. There may be times when students did cram to write their essays and got decent marks. However, if they stopped to consider things, they may realize that they could have gotten better grades had they started on their essays early on and had the time to revise and edit their papers. If you're struggling from writer's block, you can tell yourself (to ease up). Don't let the pressure get into you (until you learn to handle it.) And beware of rituals to inspire you to write. (You can get hooked to it, losing track of time.) Don't follow Dumas's lead. Take a catnap if the pressure's getting into you.

Do save and back-up files. Technical troubles are typical when it comes to essay submissions. Hence, college students must make it a point to back-up their files so that when their computers crash or virus infects their files, their world will not end. No excuses on this one.

Do proofread. Albeit students strive to compose the perfect paper, their essays can have their own share of faults. The best that students can hope for is to write to the best of their abilities, and minimize the possible typographical and grammatical errors in the essays through proofreading. In other words, there's no need to be the next great novelist. The best ones have their critics, which should be a gentle reminder that you must not beat yourself if your marked paper falls beneath your expectations. There are plenty of chances, yet you must not try too hard. And the coursework is not the only thing to think about. You have examinations, which is another matter.

What's Next?

Perspective is what sets one essay paper from another. You may not be fully aware about it while recounting a previous life experience and attempt to relate it to a book that you're writing about, but it should take you a few months to know.

It would help if you know the writer's body of works, as well as an extensive knowledge of his (or her) background and other related topics. The term will start very soon, so you still have some time for it. If you're worried about what to bring (and what not to bring) to the dorm, then you can read during the weekend. Keep in mind that the assignments and examinations would come in succession, creating a snowball of sort. It would overwhelm you, which should prompt you to seek an escape. Socializing is good, but it must be done in moderation. The same thing applies to pizza and chips. Sleep is the exception, though.

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